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Happier Than a Tornado in a Trailer Park

I read somewhere that the life span of a full timer is very short, and that most of us give up by our second year of nomad living. I am sure that there are as many reasons for surrendering from a life on the road as there are stars in the sky, however it has been my observation that the concept of a glamping lifestyle can be profoundly unrealistic. I mean really, how many tiny home tour Youtube videos have you watched, which left you wondering where the dirty clothes hamper, garbage can, recycle bin, and compost bucket were kept?

It has been my experience that the lions share of contented full-timers are among those unique few who have chosen not to throw out their lives right along with all of their “stuff.” Take notice of the surroundings of a long term full-timer in comparison to those who’ve been at it for only a year or two. I think more often than not, you will find that the majority of long term full timers can appear to be a rather half-baked lot; Or are they? My challenge to you nomad is to look a little deeper, and observe what long term full timers have in common. I have every reason to believe you will find that those quirky, non-sterile nomads just might have something.

There’s No Place Like Home

For We Two Gypsies our own pursuit of happiness has required us to make a few remodeling adjustments to the interior of our own rig. We are currently in the process of making conversions which will enable us to live and work as occupational artisans in our tiny home on wheels. In addition to the walls we’ve put in to support more shelving we have installed grow lights for our indoor garden. Obviously with all of this going on we do not have the picture perfect motor home like those featured on Youtube, but we do have a comfortable home.

Our garden set-up is quite rudimentary, but we are growing! I am looking forward to sharing with you our finished interior and indoor garden in future posts. Until then I have compiled for you some of the products and information I have found useful along the way.

True Leaf Market

I’ve been a loyal customer of True Leaf Market since my apartment dwelling days some twenty plus years ago. True Leaf is my go-to choice, as they provide everything necessary for a successful tiny home garden. True Leaf specializes in quality sprouting and microgreen products, but in addition to that the website is also a great source for gardening needs of all types. The site is top notch and is quite comprehensive with starter guides for everything from growing herbs, to fermenting the harvest, and making your own vegan milk products.

True Leaf Tiny Home Friendly Products and Guides
Just Add Water

A new trend which I’ve recently come across is hydroponic grow products marketed specifically for indoor tiny spaces. In recent months I have landed on several websites specializing in everything you need to get started with a small set-up. One of the sites I find especially fun is the Modern Sprout. They are small but have a great offering, and with the full starter kits and online manuals you will have everything you need to get going fast with an indoor hydroponic set-up.

Know Your Local and State Laws

I recently read a blog post which mentioned regulations some states may have regarding crossing borders with vegetable plants. Honestly I had not given much thought to the legalities prior to that, but I do find the advice to check local laws prior to crossing borders with your garden to be quite sound.

In the article the author makes mention of her method for overcoming the soil contamination regulations with an indoor hydroponic system. I rather like the idea, and as of the writing of this post I am in the process of researching the pros and cons of indoor hydroponics. I will let you know how it goes at a later date.

For We Two Gypsies growing our own food is part of our overall health regimen and our small way of reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle. Growing our own food is a large part of our lives and will be the subject of many posts to follow. Until then I thought you might enjoy this Youtube video about easy hydro gardening.

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