Three Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for a Nomad Lifestyle in 2021

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Want or Need?

As I was drafting this post I did a little research on transitioning, and I do have to say it was a bit overwhelming. One Google search will net you a mixed salad of thoughts and ideas about shifting to a nomad lifestyle. In my personal opinion the concept of want vs. need is typically overthought and definitely way too philosophical for this gal.

It sounds pretty simple, right? I think most of us fully understand the difference between what we want and what we need. Now acting on that is something you must decide for yourself.

This is the first step as well as the most crucial if you are to transition into a tiny living mindset. Ask any full-timer, and I think you will find most agree that downsizing changed every belief they ever had about wants and needs.

I suggest giving yourself lots of time with this. Go through your “stuff” and begin letting go. Consider holding a garage sale, and donate what’s left to your local thrift store. Repeat the process a few times if necessary. I think you will find this to be very freeing and a stress reducer for sure.

Just Add Water

Practicing water conservation right now is a crucial step toward completely enjoying a stress free nomad life, both for you and for the planet.  The idea of it is pretty self explanatory, and something that takes practice along with a bit of commitment to make it work for your own personal lifestyle.

Many full-timers have made the switch to composting toilets in their rigs to save water.  Composting toilets are a rather steep investment, but do reduce the frequency and time spent hunting down dump stations.  This can greatly extend your boondocking stay as you conserve water.

Another investment worth its weight in gold is a Berkey water filter.  Many full-timers swear by Berkey as being the best on the market.  I like that you can even run creek water through it and have great tasting purified drinking water. If you plan to remodel your rig I highly recommend leaving space to add one of these bad boys. 

berkey ceramic water filter for well water
Find Your Way to Financial Freedom

Concerns about finances is likely the biggest concern that most of us experience when considering moving on to the nomad lifestyle. Consider how much of your time you have invested in money worries.

I think that the pandemic of 2020 has lead to a huge shift in how we think about earning an income.  More and more people are finding a virtual work experience to be very rewarding.

There are also a multitude of side gigs you can do, but this is a subject all on its own.  Future posts will delve into this further.

Frank and I lived completely off grid in the Arizona desert for eight wonderful years, and without a ‘real’ job for most of that time. It is possible if you put your mind to it.

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