About We Two Gypsies

What Next?

In 2020 after spending two years in the RV mecca of Moab Frank and I became enamored with the unique community of RV full timers. It all just seemed to fit, you know?

For eight glorious years we lived completely off-grid in the Arizona desert, and loved every minute of it. While the off-grid life offered us the solitude we loved so, there came a time when we realized that our simple life lead us too far away from our very own family.

With that said we started toying with the idea of returning to intentional community life. This too, was a lifestyle near and dear to our hearts. After living on the farm for about a year the reality hit us that the responsibility bestowed upon us in community life was not inline with our goal to be more present for our immediate family.

We thought about the old school bus still sitting on our property in Arizona, but decided that everything involved in getting it up and running and livable was cost prohibitive. Thus, we made the trip to southern Oregon, and picked up a beautiful gently used RV…And as they say, the rest is history.