About We Two Gypsies


We are so humbled that you have stopped by today.

We are Frank and Cherri, a couple of boomer misfits.  We’ve had quite the adventure over the last 20 years or so, and have made numerous failed attempts to share our story over the years.  Not that we consider our adventures to be a fail by any means, rather we feel that our lives have been an on ongoing compilation of learning experiences about ourselves and the world around us.

Early in 2020 we began a new project titled, “We Two Gypsies.”  We invested a lot of time into the project, and like everything else we do we jumped in with both feet first.  We spent countless hours watching our favorite Youtubers RV lifestyle content, ramped-up our social media presence, and invested in new domains and technology as we began restructuring our eCommerce presence.

We had been working and living in the RV mecca of Moab, UT where we made many new friends in the RV Community. During our time in Moab we learned that with this lifestyle there is such a diversity of people and their stories which I would have never before imagined.

We planned to take a summer off from our workamper job in Moab and spend it with family in California as we continued to film content for our new Youtube channel. Reservations were made well in advance. RV club memberships were purchased. We even lined up a gig at an eco-center in Grass Valley that we were quite exited about.

Little did we know that COVID would change our lives forever…Again